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Mandatory operations

Ekylibre implements lot of mandatory operations concerning crop interventions, accountancy, sales, purchases and many others

Sustainability first

Ekylibre drive his development on sustanaible doctrine for preserving agricultural and farmer life.

Great visualization

Ekylibre bring lot of libraries to analyse data with contextual dashboard and cell system who could be customize

Complete model

Ekylibre provide strong database system based on Postgresql / Postgis with more than 300 models to store large amount of assorted data

Secure data

Each instance of farm on Ekylibre is on his own tenant allow you to have maximum scope security for your data

Data references

Ekylibre brings nomenclatures system like Onoma and Lexicon to help normalizing data. Theses systems contains more than 20 Millions items references.


You can add field on each model to match your need. If it's not enought, plugins libraries allow you to customize code for your own needs.


Existing integrations allow bridging of third-party data into Ekylibre. Examples: RTK GPS data, Animal data, Weather data, Soil sensor and many others.

Thanks to our contributors:

Open Source

Ekylibre is 100% open source and community-driven. All components are available on GitHub.